• What To Understand About EFT Tapping Technique


    Are you already familiar with the transformative power of EFT Tapping – Emotional Freedom Tapping? If you are, you know that once you learn EFT, you have a tool that you can use yourself to move you closer and closer to a life of joy, health, success, and abundance.

    One of the most valuable and overlooked things to do to make your tapping therapy easy is to tune into your body while tapping.

    Emotions Are Felt in Your Body

    Your body is where emotions are felt. When you experience an emotion, it’s the physical sensation that first informs you.


    This is an example: You feel excited. Your body emotions also change your feelings in a way that your heart rate increases, your breathing moves into your chest, and your stomach feels jittery.

    What to Do

    First, notice if you have a disturbing emotion. If so, then sit still and calm down. Notice how your body feels. Check how your breathing and your belly, neck, and shoulders. Now start tapping. Tap the eyebrow point, under the eye, side of the eye, under the nose, collarbone, under the arm and the top of your head.

    It’s not important how long or short you tap. What is important is that you keep noticing the emotion in your body while tapping.

    Tap a few rounds then stop to take a deep breath. Tune into your body again. Notice your breath and the areas that were tight or uncomfortable before tapping.

    If the tapping brought you to a completely relaxed state, you’re done. If not, tap more rounds. Again, pay attention to your body while tapping.

    When to Use this Body Tapping Technique

    If you are feeling a little lazy to do the full EFT procedure, feel and tap. It’s also an effective method if you feel a little insecure about what to say while tapping.


    This tune in and tap method is also good for issues where you might get triggered by too much emotion if you visualize or think about the situation. Just tapping on the body sensation can be a gentler way that still goes a long way to clear the issue.

    Next time you have an uncomfortable emotion, try tuning into your body and doing EFT tapping. Just notice your body and tap. If you are looking to find the best information on EFT Tapping, visit this website.

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