Choosing the Best Silent Reflux Treatment

When an individual eats, the food contents are transported to the stomach from the esophagus. The food materials are burnt by hydrochloric acid found in one’s stomach and later are converted into energy. Therefore a reflux is a condition when acid in the stomach rises in the esophagus and a person feels chest pains as a result. Laryngopharyngeal is a type of reflux, but it does not cause heartburn. Silent reflux condition is a result of stomach acids and digestive enzymes flow back to someone’s airflow. Examples of parts of the airway are voice box, nose, throat, lungs, and sinus. If you are looking for the silent reflux treatment, click on the active link.

So, these are some of the practices an individual should exercise to manage this reflux condition since it does not have a medical treatment;


Eating habits should be changed

kjkjjkjkjAn individual eating pattern should be modified so as the silent reflux should be minimized from showing. A person is advised to go for large meals since the valve’s pressure will be increased and it a solution for reflux symptoms. While eating one should be seated upright so as gravity is allowed to work efficiently on one’s stomach. A person should eat early enough so as the food should be digested by his body before retiring to bed.

Processed and canned foods should be avoided

The processed and canned foods always undergo the process of chemical acidification whereby citric and ascorbic acids are added so as they last long. When these processed and canned foods are consumed by an individual, more acids are being added to his body system, and enzymes are activated which could damage one’s esophageal lining. One is advised to change his or her food choices so as silent reflux to be managed.

Four “c” drinks should be ditched

Examples of Four “c” drinks are citrus, caffeine, cocktails and carbonated beverages. These four kinds of drinks usually contain bubbles which are carbonated, and they adapt well the acids in the stomach. When the carbonated bubbles and stomach acid crosses the path, they mix and move to an individual’s throat. In the process, an enzyme known as pepsin is activated and it esophageal lining is damaged, and silent reflux symptoms are caused. These drinks should be ditched instead drink water to quench thirst.


kkjjjkjkjkjkjkFood that contains high acids usually irritates someone throat while consuming. Elevated levels of acids in the stomach activate the enzymes in the stomach. An individual de-acidifying his or her diet is the best way of solving the reflux condition. One should consume alkaline foods such as green vegetables, oatmeal and so on which reduces the stomach acid.…