• Essential Oils And Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks, also referred to as striae or scars can appear on various parts of the skin, mostly around the stomach, calves, thighs, upper arm, hips, and breasts. They start out as purple red in appearance but later on adapts to one’s skin tone but noticeable upon closer look. They are the product of tearing or stretching of the dermis, layers of skin on a human’s body. Striae can be unsightly and embarrassing for many people especially younger women.

    Essential oils

    sdtgtfdsadfgHowever, the good new is that stretch marks can be avoided or cleared with diy essential oils. Ideally, essential oils and stretch marks go together. But, have you ever wondered why your stretch marks couldn’t just disappear despite years of consistent essential oil use? Well, don’t blame essential oil, here are the reasons why your stretch marks can’t cope with essential oils.

    Obesity and rapid weight gain

    Without a doubt, one of the major causes of stretch marks for many people is obesity or rapid weight gain. Any part of the body where fat is stored can be easily affected by stretch marks. But, the size and extent of stretch marks depend much on an individual’s weight gain. The more weight gained in a short span, the more severe the rate of stretch marks escalation. It can be hard to achieve desirable and impressive result with essential oil if weight gain isn’t controlled. The more weight gained, the less effective essential oil’s action.


    If you do weight lifting or beginning to put up more muscle mass at a faster rate, then in the meantime it would be very difficult to achieve a better result with essential oil. Expect to see more and more stretch marks on your body even if you’re in good shape and consistently using the best essential oil. Stretch marks occur on weight lifters – people on top of good physical condition. That’s why stretch marks occasioned by weight lifting can’t be used to identify obesity or a weight problem. It’s just that the muscles under the skin are growing too fast for the skin to adjust to the same. If you’re affected by stretch marks as a result of muscle building, talk to your doctor about how to achieve a better result with essential oils.


    Is the predominant cause of stretch marks in women. During pregnancy, the uterus is expanding forcing the woman’s belly to also expand at a rapid rate. This action stretches the skin excessively. Soon after delivery, stretch marks might develop mostly around the belly. Using essential oil at such times might not guarantee a much better result. Still, it’s advisable to apply essential oils to help achieve the desirable result after delivery.

    Multiple pregnancies are also known to cause new stretch marks soon after each pregnancy. However, this shouldn’t cause discouragement as continuous use after the pregnancy yields impressive result.


    sdfghuhgfdsAnother hidden yet a common cause of stretch marks is hormonal imbalances. There are several causes to hormonal changes. These include puberty, obesity, pregnancy, and even weight lifting. Naturally, it would be very hard to pinpoint which particular factor is the cause of stretch marks. The hormonal imbalance can cause elastic and collagen fibres to tear the over-stretched skin. Creating marks similar to stretch marks. As can be seen, it would be next to impossible to clear stretch marks even with the use of the best essential oil under such circumstance. Worst of all if the stretch marks are caused concurrently making the use of essential oil appear to yield zero results.

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