• The effectiveness of using a rowing machine in losing weight


    There is no doubt that exercise and diet are the best ways to lose weight and achieve good health. However, the key to a successful weight loss regime is using the right equipment that offers fast and effective results. The best rowing machine can be a good tool to help you lose weight. Most of us underestimate the effectiveness of using a rowing machine in losing weight. This exercise equipment provides rigorous movements of the upper body offering an amazing method of burning fat and shaping muscles.

    When it comes to shedding those extra calories, this amazing machine offers you several benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

    The effectiveness of using a rowing machine

    Effective in burning calories

    The rowing machine, basically, is an exercise equipment designed to simulate the rowing action of an individual in water. It offers a complete body workout, thereby activating all body muscles to accelerate fat loss. It is a great exercise equipment to get a svelte physique faster. According to studies, rowing for one hour burns 500 to 600 calories approximately. It targets the three core areas of fat deposit- abdomen, legs, and arms. Continuous motion of these areas will help to burn calories. The exact number of calories burned will depend on upon your current weight, time spent in rowing and amount of effort you put in.


    For maximum calorie burn, you can increase the resistance level you workout at. You can also include interval training to increase the number of calories you burn during exercising.

    Offers a comfortable workout exercise

    For overweight exercisers, standing exercises causes more fatigue. Walking or running can be prohibitively difficult for those who have excessive weight. On the other hand, rowing is a seating equipment that offers comfortable workouts. As excess bodyweight becomes less of a fatiguing factor, the workouts can be sustained for a longer duration.

    Suitable for everybody

    jddd674Choosing the right equipment is a daunting task for overweight people. Whether you are a novice in exercising, seasoned athlete or moderately fit, rowing workouts are suitable for everybody. It is a low impact exercise, therefore puts minimal stress and strain on your working joints when you row with the right technique. Hence, it is a great option for obese people with joint problems.

    Combined with a sensible diet, the effectiveness of using a rowing machine in losing weight can be enhanced multifold. Make sure you use the right techniques to get the maximum benefits.

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