• What is Disability Support and Why is it Important?


    Disability support refers to the range of day-to-day services that helps people with disabilities overcome barriers. These restrictions come because of having a disability like physical or emotional impairment. This limit their way of carrying out daily tasks like taking care of oneself, the manual performance of activities, walking, speaking or seeing.

    Disability support services are funded activities that help people living with disabilities. This works in close collaboration to enable individuals to live their lives among others in the community. They help with activities that the disabled cannot indulge in and assist in developing their skills.

    The following are reasons why InLife disability support services are necessary:

    1. Offer personal, physical, and emotional support

    Disability brings challenges that need help to live. The disabled require daily assistance to cope with the reality of life. Bathing, feeding, dressing, and toileting require someone to help. It also offers health care and hygiene to develop and maintain independence.


    2. Help establish and implement programs

    The disabled need to make their decisions and live independently in the society. It is the role of the disability support to ensure that they are equipped with skills and abilities to participate in the community.

    3. Provide support plan by safeguarding the rights of the disabled

    It encourages the disabled to live and maintain their lifestyles. It ensures that it promotes their rights and guarantees them. Upholding respect and strengthening their lives is the core importance of support system.

    4. Facilitate social activities and outings

    The disability support works actively with the disabled to ensure that they maintain social lives. They assist them to develop personal and social relationships. By having outings, they can interact and bond with the community. This activity enhances both physical growth, emotional and intellectual development.

    5. Help the disabled maintain close contact with family and friends

    This is achievable through employing skilled and empathetic support workers. The workers can make a difference in the quality of life of these people. They help them connect with family, friends and keep contact.

    6. Help in general services and household tasks

    hgdhgd764Support workers perform activities like planning menus, cooking, washing dishes, and shopping. They also provide company throughout their day to ensure they are comfortable. Cleanliness promotes hygiene. The level of assistance offered depends on the health and the general state of a person.

    It is fulfilling to make a difference in the lives of people living with various disabilities in our society.

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