• The benefits of legalizing marijuana

    Economic benefits

    Unexpectedly the sale of marijuana in states that have legalized it over the past years resulted in massive tax revenue than what was expected. Also, the government gains more income from fines and fees that are associated with the regulation of marijuana. Setting up of medical marijuana dispensaries has led to more job opportunities for both growers and sellers of marijuana. With the legalization of marijuana, the government would save vast sums of money on prohibition enforcements charges ranging from prison costs to court proceedings. Further, dispensaries boost the revenue for newspapers from the advertisement charges.

    Social benefitsdcvjkdkrsbfvjrkverv

    Marijuana has a lot of health benefits including the treatment of some chronic diseases like epileptic seizures. Also, medical marijuana Las Vegas has been credited for enhancing a sense of belonging to the community. In a community with patients that
    have a medical need for marijuana tend to associate well and get along together .This also proves that unlike other drugs marijuana doesn’t cause chaos mayhem and havoc.

    Additionally, regulation of medical marijuana lowers teen usage of the substance. Marijuana has been proved to be a safe drug since there has been no cause of death due to marijuana. Previously some over the counter painkillers have led to death causes due to addiction unlike marijuana that hasn’t been associated with any death tolls.

    Mikvbrenvkjernjgvkrenkearijuana eases depression and anxiety, and therefore cases of suicide among youth and adults can be lessened substantially. This is because marijuana acts as a relief drug for both pain, trauma, and anxiety. Its usage has seen led to fewer suicide deaths due to depression and low self-esteem.

    Further, marijuana has been proven to promote social order by having an effect on the decline of crime and drug dealing. Marijuana has been known to be involved with dangerous drugs such as cocaine “crack.” Regulation of marijuana has led to legitimate transactions in regards to marijuana because dealers transact in legitimate ways rather than in dangerous streets.

    The increase in employment through marijuana has led to youths taking up job opportunities and not involving themselves in illegal activities in order to earn some money.

    Although the use of marijuana is plagued with a wide array of criticism the plant is without a doubt effective in view of its medicinal aspect. The other non-medicinal benefits include the production of hemp products such a hemp clothing, fibers, and paper.

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